Kontera Ads on Blogger.com are Just One Click Away!

June 10, 2008

Across the web, bloggers of different sizes and niches use ContentLink™ ads to make money from their blogs. Kontera’s ContentLink ads are contextual advertising units linked to keywords on a publisher’s web page. With ContentLink ads on your blog, you provide your users with additional and relevant information, and you get paid for doing so.

And now, if you’re using Blogger.com, making money blogging with ContentLinks is just one click away!

Blogger Widget Use the Kontera It! Widget for a quick and effortless ContentLink™ implementation.

Ok, I use Blogger.com, what does this mean for me?
It means all you have to do is sign up, login to the Kontera Publisher Center, select the “ContentLink Setup” tab and click on the “Kontera it!” button.

ContentLink™ ads will be distributed to all your blog’s pages at once!

Blogger Widget

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53 Responses to  “Kontera Ads on Blogger.com are Just One Click Away!”

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  2. Dav7 says:

    now its more easy!!!

    one doubt I have:

    can I ad this to any blogger blog I have?

    and can I add to a Portuguese blog to?


  3. Kontera for Blogspot made easy says:

    [...] new site feature. It’s now easy to place Kontera ads on Blogspot blogs using their new widget. All you have to do is login in your Kontera account then click the “Kontera It”… [...]

  4. “Kontera it” on Blogger says:

    [...] Kontera launch “Kontera it”, a one click solution for Blogger.com (blogspot users) with amazing customizable plugins to faster and manageable ads [...]

  5. exinco says:

    just implement it in my blog. easy and friendly

    thanks for Kontera admin.

  6. Ajinkya says:

    Thanks really gr8 news for Bloggers like me. I love Kontera already & now with this new Blogger addon i hope to see more Users will get Attracted to the BEST Ad’s Publishing system.

    I already use Kontera on my phpBB forum http://www.WarRock-hacks.com
    and its really working gr8, no Bugs or server slow downs issues, Kontera takes only a very very small part of bandwidth & that doesn’t even costs your site loading speed :)

  7. ukion says:

    Hi, This is great news. Adding Kontera to Blogger now can be done by every non tech.-blogger user.

    I have a question for Kontera: When Kontera Hybrid will be open for public use?

    Best regards,
    Ukion from DetectorPro

  8. Jim Novak says:

    Guys, been waiting for this for a long time, I know one thing, you beat the other guys when it comes to income.

    Jim Novak

  9. ismabera says:

    have the same question as DAV7 – can we put Kontera on non-english blogs? Till now I’ve put Kontera only on english blogs. I write also portugues and slovenian.

  10. Blogger kontera widget and Drupal kontera plugin at Blogjer is about bloggers says:

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  11. New Kontera Plugin for Making More Money | Welcome To Devils Workshop says:

    [...] One-Click Blogger.com widget – All you have to do to get ads on your blog is login to your account and hit the [...]

  12. mika says:

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your comments.
    At the moment, Kontera is only compatible with English sites. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.
    Ukion, to answer your qestion- the Kontera Hybrid is still only offered to select publishers. But stay tuned for additional changes :)

  13. T.K. says:

    Hello friends
    my site is in review,plz tell me how many it has chances to approve

  14. reddy says:

    hey ajinkya..
    I have forum on my website http://www.eanastomosis.com and struggling to add kontera adds link in the forum..my forum created on PHPBB3..please,can you help me in this regard

    thank you

  15. batanggenyo says:

    i added kontera on my blog…24 hours and i haven’t seen any add…..i’ll wait for few hours….

  16. realgame says:

    Hello! I just pressed the “Kontera it!” button, then i pressed “add widget” button, but I don’t want to appear on the Layout of my blog. I know websites that use Kontera and it does not appear anything, just the link words. Can you help me with this?

  17. hikmah gumelar says:

    why the link of kontera not shown on my blog

  18. cakapsaja says:

    Sound interesting, can we put kontera ads along with adsense? I’ll try kontera for sure.


  19. Adeel Imran says:

    Sir i don’t understand how to get my adds on blogger

  20. pankaj says:

    i like kontera more than adsense.i made so much money from it.it gives you gretter freedom.Want to know more?please try:

  21. Chander Pal says:

    that gr8 and easy to put the tag in blogger .
    thanks kontera….team


  22. Jodi says:

    Well I did it on my Blogspot blog and it is not working, so not to sure what is going on. I did it with the “Kontera It” button too and it still does not work, I see no links on my blog at all.

  23. G Rajesh says:

    Thanks its really easy to get Kontera ads to my blog

  24. Hendri says:

    how about i can get look kontera ads.when me get money with kontera….ha.ha.this long quetions.sorry im kidding. good lucky to yours member kontera.

  25. mandan mishra says:

    that gr8 and easy to put the tag in blogger .
    thanks kontera….team

  26. Janet says:

    Thanks for reminding me about my Kontera account. I put it into my blogspot blog and it worked perfect. Super easy to do.

  27. flashpoint says:

    I use the widget but seems nothing happening i have seen no kontera links. what am i doing wrong.

  28. dpvramana says:

    hi friends can any one tell me how to use plz ………..i joined last weak but no results …im waiting for reply to my id dpvramana@gmail.com

  29. romejames says:

    hello everyone, i try this kontera links and i try to learn on how to make my own blog……pls help me…

  30. Ivo Liania Shinta says:

    Help me,…. I try to kontera link but have an message HTML 14 will be delete

  31. vilas says:

    i added the kontrea wideget but no adds are seen on my blog. what happen?

  32. Vinod Sharma says:

    Any how, the contentlink and the HTML code placed throught Kontera It! eventhough,the intext line ad has not seen or appear into my blog.

    after,spent of 24 hrs but unslolved..not seen the intext ad from kontera.. pls, give your comments on this issue.

  33. mika says:

    Hello Vinod,

    Thanks for your comment. ContentLink ads should appear within 24 hrs.
    If this is not the case, it would be best if you email support@kontera.com, one of our support team members will gladly help to resolve any issue.

    Publisher Services Manager

  34. Learn how to make money online at brendona.com » Kontera says:

    [...] Blogger users: Click here for blogger information and download [...]

  35. deepak says:

    please paste to my site your important product with video and photos

  36. RB @ RB30RB40 says:


    I will contact you guys tomorrow if nothing comes up on: http://www.richby30retireby40.com/



  37. raghubansh says:

    how can i start work on kontera.com

  38. MyTuonela says:

    Hmmh :/
    I don’t kinda get it… it worked on my blog for a day and now i can’t see them at all or is it just my computer.
    I noticed there was maintaince so could it be because of that ?

  39. mostafa says:

    thank you for these tips

  40. Giang says:

    your page like this music that has been approved ?
    please visit

  41. Rekha says:

    Please Send the information conect ads to my blog . I don’t understand. help me.

  42. Karthick says:

    i’ve done this to my blog http://www.hclmelaptop.blogspot.com.BUt i could not find any link ads in it? please help!

  43. mahedi hasan says:

    I want to place contera ad on my website.
    please send me full details about your terms and condition.
    you can review my site, url is :WWW.ORPBD.BLOGSPOT.COM

  44. JAYANTHI says:

    Please guide me how to start my work by step by step procedure, Blog are created, but little bit confusion is their.

  45. Dinesh says:

    My blog http://indiacallsfree.blogspot.com displays only a few links, I wonder why it only chooses just those many links? Any idea how to improve it?

  46. Ganapathi Y says:

    Can I use the same code for my other blogs also, to get your adds ? Please tell me. Thanks.

  47. rakesh says:

    i put the adds on my blogger site using the tag button for blogger but no adds appeared…help me.

  48. Jay says:

    plz vist my blog

  49. thelma harcum says:

    Thanks for the wonderful widget to place in Blogger.com. It was easy sailing. I’m pleased to associate with a company as Kontera!

  50. Privy says:

    This widget is excellent, the addition was done quickly and automatically..Thanks

  51. Kontera Team says:

    We’re glad to hear that it was useful for you.

  52. jo says:


  53. jonathan says:

    Hi Jo,

    It looks like you are receiving Kontera ads on your site now. It takes up to 24 hours for ads to start appearing after you first implement Kontera on your site. That’s probably why you didn’t see ads earlier.

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