Advice for New Publisher Partners: Start Big

August 17, 2008
By Emily Wallace, Business Development Manager
Bull’s Eye

So you have decided to try a new revenue-generator for your site or blog.  But Kontera ContentLinks seem a little too good to be true—they don’t use up any of your space, they bring completely additive revenue and they only require one-time implementation.  Decidedly skeptical, you drag your feet; you never get around to putting the ads up, or you only install the Kontera code on a few pages to test it out.  Maybe your Kontera rep even lets you know that you can start small if you prefer.  It is your website, and of course we want you to feel comfortable.

However, if you are looking to earn some real money, this is what you should do:  the moment you receive your Kontera code, install it across your entire site.
Then watch.


For the first one to two weeks, the algorithms behind Kontera ContentLinks are going through an automatic optimization process to “learn” all of your existing content.  Every time the algorithms encounter new content (your latest blog post or article), they analyze it in real time and perpetually ensure Kontera is serving the best ads possible.
After the first couple of weeks, your metrics will hit their stride; in the second half of your first month, you will see the true revenue opportunity with ContentLinks.  If you had started the month by only implementing ContentLinks on a small portion of your site, then the metrics wouldn’t be as meaningful.  With more coverage (ideally 100% of the pages) on your site, you will see the clearest revenue picture for long term monetization.

One of Kontera’s top publisher partners, Tim Carter of, shared some sound advice, “It’s really important for those who are testing ad products to look at the big picture.  If possible, have [ContentLinks] run site wide for at least a month . . . If you are testing just a small part of a website, be sure to extrapolate the revenue out to all pages of the website.  Finally, understand that different pages of a website might make far more revenue than other pages.”

Because certain areas of your site may perform stronger than other areas, site-wide data will be the most accurate. Whether you have just received your Kontera code or implementation has long been on your to-do list, I encourage you to immediately begin maximizing the revenue your site or blog is capable of earning.  If you have been wading in the Kontera pool, I encourage you to swim with us and soak up the revenue you deserve.  And if you haven’t signed up for a Kontera account yet—what are you waiting for? Become a Kontera Publisher.

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5 Responses to  “Advice for New Publisher Partners: Start Big”

  1. Dorothy Eppelmann says:

    I am a member of your Kontera. I was wondering what you are talking about. I would like to generate more people to my site and put more advertising on my page from you. What do I need to do to get more advertising from your site. Thanks Dot

  2. sumedi says:

    i become a kontera publisher since a month ago, i I have installed kontera code on my three blog, but i find low impresion on my blog, when i open the page there is no ads displayed. what is the problem? is my blog not meet a requirement kontera publisher? My blog have a low traffic

  3. mika says:


    Great to read your comments. Both of you are describing a similar issue. To see more of our ads on your pages, make sure your site has enough textual content. You can read more on Kontera’s top clicked keywords here:
    Also, to add more ContentLinks to your site’s pages, email and ask to increase the number of links.

    Publisher Services Manager, Kontera

  4. happs says:

    can i put ads on different websites without informing kontera?

  5. mika says:

    We ask that you let us know about each site you’d like to add to the Kontera network. This is very important since we produce a different tag for each site you own. We send you a unique tag for each site for the purpose of proper tracking and optimization- in order to maximize your revenue potential. Plus, we like to know where our ads are placed :)

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