The Mission: Making Oatmeal Cool (Yes, Seriously)

March 28, 2010

We’ve recently announced Kontera’s Freedom Ad units, enabling advertisers to display In-Text ads in the shape of the product or brand they advertise. Freedom Ads received raving reviews and we wanted to share one of the more exciting success stories with this new Ad type.

quaker_logoMany of us are familiar with the “Quaker Man” – the gentle smile and old-world attire of the Quaker brand logo. Quaker is a household name that’s been around for over 130 years and is one of the most popular brands in the world.

Quaker needed something to reinvigorate the product and get consumers excited about oatmeal again. Kevin Ryan, of iMedia Connection, gives Kontera and OMD (Quaker’s ad agency) kudos for taking oats to the next level, making them just a little bit sexier.


Click to view demo

In an ad shaped like the Quaker Oatmeal package, that included recommended recipes, Quaker succeeded in engaging with consumers for 12 seconds (!) while they review the content of the ad, achieving Click Through Rates as high as 15.6%. The Quaker In-Text Freedom Ads delivered the highest CTR across the entire campaign, across all other media types.

Pranav Pandit, Group Director of Digital Strategy at OMD, acknowledges the success of Kontera’s In-Text advertising solution in tying unique and engaging creative with relevant context to help users connect the dots from Quaker to a rich oatmeal experience.

In-Text advertising has always delivered performance because of its superior relevancy and unobtrusiveness – as the website visitor has to trigger the launch of the ad by hovering over the highlighted keyword in the text, and the ad is closely tied and extremely relevant to the content of the page and to the user intent behind it.

In the online advertising world, where banner ads are almost universally ignored by consumers, getting extremely low click through rates of 0.7%, In-Text ads, which are actively triggered by consumers, who want to engage with the content, deliver impressive average CTR of 10% and above. In an industry measured by advertisers on conversion and campaign ROI, and by publishers on the CPC paid for each of those clicks – high CTRs and user engagement mean big business all around.

Go on, awaken your sense with Quaker oats and take a look at the demo of the Quaker Freedom Ads.

Download the presentation given at the iMedia Brand Summit on the Quaker Case Study.

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