Kontera Show & Tell-Showoff-Showdown Round #2: New Questions, Same Great Prizes

September 15, 2010

Kontera Publishers Facebook Contest

We’ve just finished up the inaugural round of the Kontera Show & Tell-Showoff-Showdown Facebook contest, and we couldn’t be happier with the insightful feedback we received from our publishers.  We appreciate everyone who took part and of course congratulate our five lucky winners (check your emails guys! :) )

  1. First Prize of $75 Amazon Gift Card goes to Kendall Prsonal Mesker
  2. Second Prizes of $50 Amazon Gift Cards go to Arafat Tehsin  & Jr Lang
  3. Third Prizes of $25 Amazon Gift Cards go to Ajay Singh &  Patel Prashant

And now… it’s time for a whole new round of our biweekly Show&Tell-Showoff-Showdown Facebook contest!

Here are this week’s questions:

  • Q #1: How do you use analytics tools to optimize your blog/site?
  • Q #2: When you’re offline, what do you like to do with your free time?

Got a great answer you want to share? Don’t miss out on the $75 first prize!

The rules remain the same: Leave your answers in the form of a comment on our Facebook page, and the comments that receive the most “Likes” win from our pool of over $200 in prize money.

Enter Kontera Facebook Contest Now – >>!

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Kontera Publishers: Your Tips for Making a Site Successful

September 07, 2010

Kontera-publishers-share-their-tips-for-makings-a-successful-blogWe kick started our biweekly Show&Tell-Showoff-Showdown Facebook contest by asking our publishers what’s their most important tip for creating a successful blog or site.

There’s still a full week for you to contribute your winning tip and vote for the one you liked best – remember, every 2 weeks five lucky winners will take home valuable Amazon gift certificates, including the $75 first place prize!

So far, the answers submitted by our publishers were so good, we thought we’d share some of the advice we’ve been receiving up until now for creating a successful blog:

  1. Develop a sense of community – Kendall Mesker points out that people are more likely to tell their friends about your site if they’re personally invested in it. Ask users for their opinions and always make sure they feel as though their input counts. One trick Kendall uses is he always ends his posts with a question – as a way to generate comments and make a site more sticky.

  2. Stir the pot a little – Tony Greene has found that by cutting against the grain and by trying to be a bit controversial, he’s captured the attention of his frequent visitors.  Bringing opposing viewpoints is another effective way to generate comments and increase your readers’ involvement, but just make sure you’re being constructive and not just saying things for their “shock value”, as your genuine opinions are the key to keeping them coming back.

  3. Promote through Social Media – Several publishers, such as Arafat Tehsin and Niki Deli championed the importance of social media in growing your site.  They suggest marketing your blog by submitting your content to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg or StumbleUpon.  Showing off your site on social networking is a great way to raise your site’s profile among your existing contacts and expose an entirely new audience to what you’re doing. Arafat makes another great networking point, which is make sure to comment on other people’s blogs. Showing an interest in others is a reliable way to get them to show an interest in you.

  4. Create a SEO game plan – Several publishers such as JR Lang and Ajay Singh stressed the need to actively do SEO. Make sure you know the basics, how to submit your site to search engines, how to pick your keywords, the importance of your “about” page, backlinks, CommentLuv, etc. Quality content is what will keep your visitors, but if your site isn’t optimized for search engines, your audience won’t get a chance to form that first opinion.

  5. Write about topics that inspire you – As Jeremy Huggins explained, if your blog is about things you are not passionate about, people will see right through it. Avoid the temptation to write about the latest hot topic and focus on niches in which you have the most to share. Unique information or a distinct point of view is what will distinguish you from other sites and keep your readers coming back for more.

Find these tips helpful? Visit our Facebook page to see additional tips by Kontera publishers, and vote for your favorite tip by “Liking” the comment. And while you’re at it, add your own answer.

Remember to act quickly – new questions are going to be put to the vote of our publishers on September 15th- so you’ve got one more week to take part in the first round of Kontera Show&Tell-Showoff-Showdown!


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Kontera Publishers Show & Tell-Showoff-Showdown: Win a $75 Gift Voucher & Other Cool Prizes!

September 01, 2010

showtell_blogHere at Kontera we’re so sure we have the smartest and coolest publishers, that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

We’re giving our Publishers a forum to show off that swagger on the wall of our Facebook page, where twice a month you can win a $75 gift certificate and other cool prizes!

Here’s how it works:

  • Every other week we’re going to ask you two questions on Kontera’s Facebook wall.
    1. One question that’s industry related- about the world of blogging, Kontera, and web monetization.
    2. The other question will tackle an even more serious topic: YOU. We want to learn a little more about your interests, like what’s your favorite scary movie or what horribly annoying pop song is currently infecting your head :) .
  • You can leave your answers as a comment on our Facebook wall – and put it to the vote of the Kontera Fans.
  • The publisher whose comment receives the most “Likes” from their fellow Publishers and Facebook friends will be awarded the first place prize of a $75 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  • Additionally, two runner-ups will get a $50 gift certificate each, and the next two runner-ups will receive a $25 voucher each.

So basically, every couple of weeks five happy winners will enjoy some online spending money – just for sharing their opinion! It’s fun, it’s easy, and best of all… it’s virtually impossible to give a wrong answer.

So what are you waiting for..
Find out this week’s questions – Start now »

* While all comments are welcome, and everyone can vote for the best answer (by “Liking” the comment), only current Kontera Publishers are eligible for the prizes. If the winner with the most “Like”s is not a current publisher in good standing with Kontera, the winning will be passed on to the next runner up.

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Facebook ‘Like’ Button Making an Impact and Publishers Reap the Benefits

August 09, 2010

AFacebook Like buttonre you up to speed with the latest count: Facebook recently announced that over 350,000 websites  worldwide are now using Facebook’s social plugins introduced last April – the most familiar of which is the ‘Like‘ button.

This piece of information ties in to another “fun fact”: Nearly 65 million users ‘Like’ something through Facebook every single day.

Clearly, people like to ‘Like’, and thousands of publishers already reap the benefits – sharing their news and content via the popular social network site.

The reason the ‘Like’ button has been so effective for so many website owners isn’t exactly a secret. With one mouse click, a link to your latest post or article will instantly appear in the News Feed of your friends’ Facebook accounts. It’s a great way to grow traffic and create a buzz around your website: For every additional person that hits the ‘Like’ button on one of your website pages (including yourself ;-) ); an exponential amount of their friends will see what you’ve been raving about.

With over 500 million active users each month (and counting!), and with each user having, on average, 130 friends – there’s a vast audience for the right content to go viral.

As a publisher, you’re naturally interested in increasing your website traffic. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to consider adding the ‘Like’ functionality to your website or blog. If you’d like to get the Facebook ‘Like’ plugin for WordPress, you can do so here, or for Blogger here. And if you’d like to learn more about implementation in general, here’s the Facebook Like Button Page.

Also, don’t forget to ‘Like’ this post. As you can see below, Kontera most definitely practices what it preaches :-)


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Balance: The Key to Successful Website Monetization

July 23, 2009

In regards to advertising on a page, some say less is more, while others say taking it to the max is the only way to go.  The one thing that everyone agrees on is that you should diversify your monetization methods in an effort to maximize your website’s return.balanceSmall

Since every site’s build is different in design, content, length/number of pages, employed monetization strategies, as well as in user feedback, finding the proper ratios of page content to ad real-estate is unique to each site.   We wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of ways to groom your site for making the most of Kontera In-Text.

If you’re employing multiple advertising methods on your pages, it is important to make sure that advertising is evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the page. Kontera offers tools to specify areas of a page where ContentLink ads should or shouldn’t be placed by telling our Java Script which text is eligible for generating links.

For example, if you have a dominant series of banner ads next to a brief section of text, you may want to avoid generating ContentLinks in that section by using Filter Tags.  Similarly if you have a text–based menu bar on the top of your page, and a large section of text below, you definitely want to use a Zone Tag to instruct Kontera to only scan in article.  As you probably know, Adsense and Kontera are a great combination, but be sure to maximize the effect of both, by spreading the ads throughout your pages.

Furthermore, upon publisher’s request, our Support Team will gladly make adjustments to link density which is essentially the number of links per 1000 words on a page.  Test to discover the optimal number of ads for your pages, once you do you’ll be sure improve both your users’ experience and your ads performance.

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