Kontera Gets a New Homepage

December 23, 2010

Kontera's new homepage

The homepage of your favorite In-Text network has gotten a fresh coat of paint!

Kontera is proud to share the redesign of our homepage, which features a new slideshow presentation and a streamlined interface. Aside from adding a little bit of visual pop, the reasoning behind all of the changes was to make everything Kontera offers, including our new Mobile units, even easier to understand and find. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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Kontera Goes Mobile

December 09, 2010

mobile launch

The same high level of relevancy Kontera’s Synapse platform brings to websites is now coming to your mobile device.

We’re pleased to introduce you to Kontera’s latest two products, Relevant Ads and Related Information, which provide contextual ads and other information to smartphones like Android devices, and iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Relevant Ads are a natural extension of Kontera’s contextual solutions, providing highly relevant ads to attract an engaged audience, now on mobile and iOS devices.  Related Information is a newer concept, where by tapping over the highlighted phrase, you’ll be able to access additional content from across the Kontera network that’s relevant to what you’re reading.

For Apple devices, both solutions are already running live across the websites of Kontera’s over 15,000 Publishers, while Android will be gradually rolled out during the coming days and weeks. All Kontera Publishers automatically receive the full benefits of these mobile solutions without any additional implementation required.

Here’s Tobias Wright, the Digital Strategist for Budget Fashionista, with his initial impressions as a Kontera Publisher:

“Our users are fashion conscious and on the go, and Mobile is a strategic area for us in the coming year and for long term monetization. This seems to be a very elegant solution on the mobile platform that can only benefit our users. Kontera has proven itself to be a very forward thinking partner that is always thinking several steps ahead.”

The specific benefits of Kontera Mobile Solutions for Publishers:

  • Maintains clean publisher pages – placement is as links within relevant phrases, where the users are engaged, the text of the page.
  • Ads are not shown until consumers opts-in by tapping to see related information to page contents.
  • Unlike other ads platforms, which can take up to 25% of an already crowded mobile screen, Kontera requires no additional mobile real estate.
  • Already up for all Publishers, without any further implementation necessary.
  • If you have a separate mobile site or a different template for your mobile site, then you just need to add the standard Kontera JavaScript to that site.
  • Will not slow down your mobile site, as Kontera loads after page is rendered.
  • Kontera Publishers will get more exposure for their content, as Related Information refers mobile readers to other sites on the Kontera network covering similar topics.

The advantages of Kontera Relevant Ads for Advertisers:

  • Editorial placement within relevant mobile content and within specific topics that’s aligned with what’s relevant to the consumers’ specific topics of interest.
  • Placements across Kontera’s network of sites.
  • Unlike some other mobile formats these ads are not pinched or panned out of the user’s view frame (because the content is the linked-ad)

Like the entire network, Relevant Ads and Related Information are powered by the Kontera Synapse platform, which uses advanced semantic analysis and user context to understand user intent.

Using Kontera, end users find information that’s relevant to their interests; publishers make their content more interactive, and advertisers gain greater targeting precision and brand engagement.  With the new Mobile Solutions, Kontera is even further extending the value we provide to each of these three groups.

Stay tuned, as Android and iOS devices are only the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve got planned for our contextual mobile ads. In the very near future we’ll be interviewing the project’s Product Manager, who will be sharing the inside scoop on the product improvements and expansions we’re already working on. :)

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Uniquely Honors Kontera’s Israeli Science and R&D Operations

October 24, 2010

Deloitte Israel Technology Fast 50

It’s no secret how brilliant Kontera’s unique technological solution is –  and now it’s award winning too!

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50, which honors growth in the technological sector, just released their Israeli results, and found Kontera to be the 3rd fastest growing company in Israel, with an amazing  3,689% growth in revenue over the last five years. Furthermore, Kontera placed first among internet companies.

The criterion of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is any public or private company with proprietary technology, meaning Kontera outperformed thousands of venture backed startups and other businesses.

This impressive showing is thanks to the innovation of Kontera’s Synapse engine, which uses sophisticated real time semantic analysis to understand and react to users’ intent.  Kontera CEO, Yoav Shaham elaborates on how this award reflects the work of our peerless R&D team:

“Receiving this honor is a testament to the hard work and talent of our Israel-based research and development team. Our goal has always been to build and apply the best technological platform to large and growing market segments. A culture that supports intelligent, driven people is the key to accomplishing this vision.”

During the past five years, Kontera has grown into the leading In-Text network, with over 15,000 publishers, analyzing 2.6 Billion real-time page views per month, and reaching more than 140 million unique users per month.  The ability of the Synapse platform to recognize user intent has been equally beneficial to advertisers, end users, and publishers alike; providing advertisers with a more engaged audience, end users with more attractive, relevant ads, and publishers with higher CTR and CPC performance.

A recent study by comScore, the leading internet marketing research firm, quantified the effectiveness of Kontera, finding that users exposed to Kontera ads are 400% more likely to search online for a promoted product, and 2.5 times more like to visit a product’s information page after seeing it promoted on the Kontera network. Additionally, comScore found an unaided brand awareness lift on Kontera that’s 4 times that of the established norms for internet display campaigns.

While Kontera is very proud of our performance in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, we’re far from resting on our laurels.  This award will only push our R&D team further in developing innovative, industry changing In-Text solutions :)

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Introducing Kontera Synapse: Next Generation In-Text Relevance Engine

July 22, 2010

Kontera Synapse Delivers Superior Relevance and Proven Results.

Kontera Synapse Relevancy EngineKontera is proud to announce the launch of Kontera Synapse – our new In-Text relevance engine, which brings the next generation of ad relevancy and audience engagement to our advertisers, publishers, and end users.

Kontera Synapse makes the most relevant associations for end-users, by identifying their topics of interest and predicting intent. For advertisers, Kontera Synapse massively aggregates and engages the most qualified audience from across the web. The technology has been shown by comScore, to deliver five times greater advertiser performance than traditional display advertising.

The Breakthrough Innovations of Kontera Synapse:

  • Topical Targeting: Rather than just use a fixed keyword list like In-Text technologies relied on in the past, Kontera Synapse is able to identify 1000’s of concepts and expanded phrases that are relevant to the topics of interest of any advertiser’s target audience. This provides advertisers with greater campaign scale and selection of phrases and keywords that are more engaging to consumers and deliver a more qualified audience. End users also benefit from ad content that mirrors their intent.
  • Dynamic ‘A/B’ optimization: Kontera Synapse tests different topics and monitors how users interact with each page on the Kontera’s network in real-time. The In-Text phrases with which end users interact more represent users’ interests. In this way intent is determined through “the voice of the users”.
  • Phrase Discovery and Exploration: Kontera Synapse automatically identifies and tracks the trending of new phrases, as they appear across the network. Those phrases are cross linked to relevant topics and entities (people, places, etc.).
  • Comprehensive brand safety controls: Kontera Synapse includes a full suite of brand safety capabilities. Advertisers benefit from Kontera’s knowledge of sensitive topics and keywords within each category. In addition, specific ‘avoid’ lists can be defined for an advertiser or specific campaigns. These controls ensure that advertisers are not proximate to content that is harmful to their brand.

Comscore Results for Kontera In-Text ads performancecomScore, the leading internet marketing research firm, recently completed a three month comprehensive study confirming the effectiveness of Kontera In-Text ads.

When comparing the behavior of consumers exposed to Kontera In-Text ads to those that were not exposed to them — and to the comScore norms for display advertising — comScore’s findings prove that:

  • Kontera In-Text ads delivers 5 Times greater Brand Awareness lift than Traditional Display Ads
  • Consumers are 5 times more likely to search online for the promoted products after viewing the ad on the Kontera network, and 2.5 times more likely to visit the product’s website.
  • Kontera In-Text ads increase Product Purchase Intent by 68%
  • Exceptional message recall – 2.5 times the norm.

In addition, comScore also found that Kontera was a favorite among end users. With the Synapse engine ensuring relevancy and tight linkage to the user intent, consumers view Kontera In-Text ads as one of the cleaner, less cluttering and more relevant ad-formats.

To learn more about the comprehensive comScore study, please visit our comScore results page.

Kontera Synapse is the culmination of an intensive R&D investment throughout the past two years. We’re very excited to see the extraordinary results this new engine provides, and view  the comScore  research as a powerful validation – a testament to Kontera’s In-Text solutions and their effectiveness for both advertisers, publishers and end-users alike.


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Kontera Ranked Top 50 Ad Network by Website Magazine

July 14, 2010

top 50 ad networks kontera in-text

Just wanted to share with our readers that in their August issue, Website Magazine ranks Kontera Top 50 Ad Networks,and the #1 among the In-Text ad networks.

This is yet another testament to the continued growth of the Kontera network – now over 140 million unique users per month– and to the vote of confidence from our advertisers and publishers partners worldwide.

website magazineCheck out the Website Magazine article (Download PDF)


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