Facebook Teams Up With Bing: What This Means for Kontera Publishers

October 20, 2010

Facebook-logoMicrosoft and Facebook are turning your opinion into a celebrity endorsement.

The two internet superpowers have recently announced a deal to incorporate information from your Facebook friends into the search results you see on the Bing search engine. When you search on any given topic, a new “Liked by your Facebook friends” category will appear among the results, showing a thumbnail picture of your friend along with their endorsement.

The Facebook Likes will appear either on the top, bottom, or anywhere in between on the Bing Search page, depending on how relevant Microsoft deems your friends recommendation to what you were searching for.

So how does this announcement affect Kontera publishers? It’s a golden opportunity. If you consider how critical it is to appear on the first page of search results, think how even more effective it would be for your site to appear on the front page of results, as a recommendation from a trusted acquaintance.  While growing steadily, Bing still only accounts for 11% of all U.S. search queries. Yet, its share is larger in other continents, and Facebook has already expressed an interest expanding the feature to other search engines in the future. Additionally Google is rumored to be tested a similar “shared by” feature on their results page that would lead to Google Updates . This means that moving forward; it’ll become even more important to have a solid social networking strategy for promoting your site.

bing search logo With that in mind, here are some quick tips for social networking optimization, both specific to the Bing-Facebook deal, and in general:

  1. Create a Facebook page for your site, which you can do here. While there are numerous benefits to having a Facebook page for your site, in this context the key reasons is to converts readers from your site into “Likes” of your brand on Facebook. Just don’t be shy in soliciting your readers! According to a recent study by Opinionway Research, 75% of people who Liked a brand on Facebook, only did so after an invitation or advertisement from that brand.
  2. As previously discussed, you need to have the Facebook Like plugin implemented on your site.
  3. Make sure you post a link to every individual one of your posts on your Facebook wall. Even if an individual reader has “Liked” your site, or a specific post in the past, the more items they like, the better the chances that when their friends search for something on Bing, your site will appear as a recommendation.
  4. “Like” everything you post on Facebook. At the very least it will assure that all of your Facebook friends will see links to your site, when performing a relevant search on Bing.
  5. Grow your base of Facebook friends, through Facebook Profile Search. The other just announced collaboration between Facebook and Bing, when you search a person’s name on Bing, among the results returned are Facebook profiles, weighed heavily towards displaying people with mutual Facebook friends. It’s a great way to locate someone who say for instance, commented on your site that’d you’d like to befriend but has a really common name.

In all, while the technology is still in the nascent stages, the Facebook/Bing collaboration is likely a harbinger of things to come. With search going from universal results, to geo-specific results; a completely personalized search experience is the next logical step, and social networking data is the most logical bridge for this. The faster you adapt and prioritize building your social networking presence, specifically on Facebook, the better prepared you’ll be as social networking SEO is only increasing in importance.


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Kontera Publishers Show & Tell-Showoff-Showdown: Win a $75 Gift Voucher & Other Cool Prizes!

September 01, 2010

showtell_blogHere at Kontera we’re so sure we have the smartest and coolest publishers, that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

We’re giving our Publishers a forum to show off that swagger on the wall of our Facebook page, where twice a month you can win a $75 gift certificate and other cool prizes!

Here’s how it works:

  • Every other week we’re going to ask you two questions on Kontera’s Facebook wall.
    1. One question that’s industry related- about the world of blogging, Kontera, and web monetization.
    2. The other question will tackle an even more serious topic: YOU. We want to learn a little more about your interests, like what’s your favorite scary movie or what horribly annoying pop song is currently infecting your head :) .
  • You can leave your answers as a comment on our Facebook wall – and put it to the vote of the Kontera Fans.
  • The publisher whose comment receives the most “Likes” from their fellow Publishers and Facebook friends will be awarded the first place prize of a $75 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  • Additionally, two runner-ups will get a $50 gift certificate each, and the next two runner-ups will receive a $25 voucher each.

So basically, every couple of weeks five happy winners will enjoy some online spending money – just for sharing their opinion! It’s fun, it’s easy, and best of all… it’s virtually impossible to give a wrong answer.

So what are you waiting for..
Find out this week’s questions – Start now »

* While all comments are welcome, and everyone can vote for the best answer (by “Liking” the comment), only current Kontera Publishers are eligible for the prizes. If the winner with the most “Like”s is not a current publisher in good standing with Kontera, the winning will be passed on to the next runner up.

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Facebook ‘Like’ Button Making an Impact and Publishers Reap the Benefits

August 09, 2010

AFacebook Like buttonre you up to speed with the latest count: Facebook recently announced that over 350,000 websites  worldwide are now using Facebook’s social plugins introduced last April – the most familiar of which is the ‘Like‘ button.

This piece of information ties in to another “fun fact”: Nearly 65 million users ‘Like’ something through Facebook every single day.

Clearly, people like to ‘Like’, and thousands of publishers already reap the benefits – sharing their news and content via the popular social network site.

The reason the ‘Like’ button has been so effective for so many website owners isn’t exactly a secret. With one mouse click, a link to your latest post or article will instantly appear in the News Feed of your friends’ Facebook accounts. It’s a great way to grow traffic and create a buzz around your website: For every additional person that hits the ‘Like’ button on one of your website pages (including yourself ;-) ); an exponential amount of their friends will see what you’ve been raving about.

With over 500 million active users each month (and counting!), and with each user having, on average, 130 friends – there’s a vast audience for the right content to go viral.

As a publisher, you’re naturally interested in increasing your website traffic. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to consider adding the ‘Like’ functionality to your website or blog. If you’d like to get the Facebook ‘Like’ plugin for WordPress, you can do so here, or for Blogger here. And if you’d like to learn more about implementation in general, here’s the Facebook Like Button Page.

Also, don’t forget to ‘Like’ this post. As you can see below, Kontera most definitely practices what it preaches :-)


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Kontera Celebrates Purim…

March 09, 2010
Last week at Kontera’s Israel office, we celebrated Purim; a holiday observed in Israel with customs somewhat similar to those of Halloween in America.  We celebrated with a party at the office, that included a costume contest, food, music, and lots of laughs.
Take a look at our Purim Photo Album on Facebook, to see some of the people behind Kontera in their best (and strangest) attire.

Last week at Kontera’s Israel office, we celebrated Purim; a holiday observed in Israel with customs somewhat similar to those of Halloween in America.  We celebrated with a party at the office, that included a costume contest, food, music, and lots of laughs.

Take a look at our Purim Photo Album on Facebook, to see some of the people behind Kontera in their best (and strangest) attire.


A special congratulations goes out to the winners of our costume contest:  Adi, office manager,  and Karen, finance manager, who were dressed as a Dalmatian pair (above), and Chaim – our JavaScript and Flash expert – as a cool and rather manly Pocahontas.
See more of Kontera’s employees dressed up on Facebook and be sure to also become a fan of Kontera for further updates and so you don’t miss our next extravagant event!
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From the Web: Search and Social Media News

September 17, 2009

Latest_NewsIt’s exciting to see how fast new search and social media technologies become integrated in the www landscape.  As online explorers and consumers we are always thirsty for more innovation and for ways to improve and add interest to our ways of interaction.  Companies and Governments are utilizing these new technologies for their benefit and the motion of the web accelerates, no one wants to get left behind.  This week, we’ve come across some interesting stories on the topic that we’d like to share.

Bing grabs 10 percent of search market

According to a recently released Nielsen report, Bing search service is the fastest-growing U.S. search engine among the top 10!  Google, of course, stays on top with 64.6% share and other players in the top 10 included AOL Search in fourth place with 3.1% share and Ask.com Search with 1.7% share.  We also hear that Microsoft is planning to launch Bing 2.0, releasing even more new features.

Read Full article on cnet>>
Search Engine Chart

Facebook, Twitter and Social Media Marketing

In recession-stricken times companies are increasingly (some say aggressively) pursuing social media marketing efforts. Social media is proving to be a more affordable way to promote products and services compared to traditional advertising.

Not surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter see the highest adoption rate in social media marketing while customer reviews rank No. 1 for increasing sales and customer engagement, according to a study released this week.
Read full article on Internetnews>>

Why the White House is Hiring a Social Media Archivist

These days, as White House communication extends into areas of social media, and new challenges arise having to do with archiving this information.  Things like blog postings, Twitter messages, YouTube videos and even blog comments, cannot go unrecorded. Last month, the Federal Business Opportunities web site posted a notice seeking bid-proposals from and outside contractor do  just that.
Read full article on Mashable>>

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