New from Kontera – Freedom Ads – Reshaping the way brands interact with consumers

March 09, 2010

At the recent iMedia Brand Summit in Las Vegas, we announced our newest ad family: Freedom Ads.

Freedom Ads offer Kontera’s large brand advertisers a unique way of capturing the consumers’ eye and imagination, while delivering record-high engagement, brand response rates, and CTRs.

Freedom Ad units are highly-relevant rich-media in-text ads that appear in the actual form of the product they advertise – thus bringing these products to life through an engaging out-of-the-box experience.

For example, when advertising its newest mobile phone and its video capabilities, Samsung chose to have the ad itself shaped like the actual mobile device, simulating its capability to stream live video coverage of the Winter Olympics. Consumers immediately experience the Samsung phone, its unique product design and video capabilities. The ad also conveys the Olympic experience and associates the Samsung brand with the Olympic spirit.


There are two types of Freedom Ads; the Product Freedom Unit, and the Brand Freedom Unit.

The Product Freedom Unit delivers an elegant, instantly recognizable visual depiction of the advertiser’s product, directly from within a highly relevant key phrase. Product Freedom units employ a clean design, and are ideal for product focused advertisers like Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Apparel, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, and Retail.

The Brand Freedom Unit brings to life elements of the brand that are instantly recognizable, and it delivers a unique and holistic brand experience through tasteful interaction that engages, educates, and delights the consumer.

In a survey conducted among 15 brands and agency teams who launched campaigns using the new Freedom Ads, all of them replied that they would use the Freedom Unit again! This great advertiser reception is indicative of positive consumer results, and it is translating into a positive financial impact for Kontera’s publishers.

Other advertisers that have used the new Freedom Ads include FedEx, Adobe, the Republic of Ireland and Curel. See these campaigns and experience the Freedom Ads for yourself on our demonstration page.

You can also check out some of our additional Freedom Ads resources:


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Kontera Pays Double for Your Clicks!

December 01, 2009
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We see no better time than the holidays to introduce a brand new program for online publishers.

If you own a website or a blog we invite you to benefit from the following promotion that we are glad to announce today:

Kontera Pays Double for Your Clicks!

Join Kontera this holiday season and we’ll match your first month earnings, so as a special holiday bonus you’ll be EARNING DOUBLE. Joining is a snap:

  1. Sign-up with Kontera.
  2. Implement the Kontera tag on your site or blog and start earning right away.
  3. EARN DOUBLE your first month -whatever you’ll earn during your first month we’ll match!*
  4. Sign-Up Now!»

How will it work?
We’re joining in on the holiday cheer – There’s no top limit we’ll match your earnings dollar for dollar!  

This limited-time offer is valid only for publisher sign-ups through the promotional link so don’t miss out on this great opportunity and sign-up now

Happy holidays everyone.

* Offer is valid only for sign-ups through the promotional link
* Bonus valid for earnings over $10 per publisher
* Visit the promotion’s Terms & Conditions page.


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Kontera ContentLink in 5 Simple Steps

April 23, 2009

There’s a simple way to explain everything, even elaborate algorithms and systems…

Today we wanted to show a simple outline of user interaction with our ContentLink ads.  If you are entirely new to Kontera, we hope you will find this explanation especially helpful.

Kontera Pay Per Click Ads in 5 Simple Steps.  For more details visit

For those of you interested in learning about the principals behind our contextual analysis technology, visit our Contextual Advetising Technology page.


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Releasing the New Kontera Plugin for WordPress 2.7

February 26, 2009

The Kontera Plugin for WordPress 2.7 is now available for download!
The plugin enables an instant addition of ContentLink ads to your WordPress 2.7 blog along with some great features to enhance your ContentLink setup.

Install the plugin and you’ll be able to:

  • Add the ContentLink tag to all your pages in one click
  • Determine when ContentLink ads will begin appearing on new posts- you can choose to block ads for a particular number of days
  • Display ContentLinks only on posts
  • Display ContentLinks only on comments
  • Change ContentLinks color

And our newest feature:

  • Choose to enable or disable ContentLink ads from within your post editor!

Download Kontera-WordPress Plugin for WP 2.7

Here’s how you set it up:

  1. Unzip the plugin file to your local hard drive.
  2. Copy the Kontera folder to your blog’s WordPress content/plugins directory.
  3. On your WordPress administration pages, navigate to “Plugins”.wp-plugin-dashboard_shadow_2
  4. Scroll down to “Inactive Plugins” and Click Activate next to the “Kontera ContentLink” plugin entry.wp-activate-plugin_2
  5. Now that your plugin is active, navigate to the sidebar and under the “Settings” menu, click to go to the “Kontera Settings”.wp-kontera-settings_2
  6. In the top field, enter your publisher ID number. This is your personal ID which appears on your ContentLink tag:wp-contentlink-tag_2
  7. You’re good to go.  It’s time to try the different capabilities the Kontera WordPress Plugin has to offer.wp-inside-kontera-settings_2Don’t forget, with this upgraded Kontera plugin, you now have the option to enable of disable ContentLink ads from within the post editor!

    Download Kontera-WordPress Plugin for WP 2.7

    If you are using an earlier WordPress version, visit WordPress Support on our Publisher Tools Section for other plugins.

    - Read plugin review on Bloggernoob’s online marketing blog

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A Look At ContentLink- Rich Media

February 19, 2009

When undertaking an online advertising campaign, advertisers strive to engage users. Campaign goals vary from increasing brand awareness to introducing a product’s advantages while encouraging users to try it out. Meeting these goals in the highly competitive and fast paced online marketing sphere is a challenging task. Campaigns these days have to engage users by delivering the advertiser’s messaging in an innovative and compelling way.

Kontera’s In-text advertising is an ideal medium through which to meet this challenge.  ContentLink ads are placed where users’ attention is focused, within the text, while Kontera’s advanced technology, ensures maximum relevancy between the ads and the content in which they’re featured. ContentLink is a rich advertising tool which simultaneously provides added user-value and a particularly well targeted advertising campaign.

Below is an example of a rich media campaign recently launched:

With advanced contextual advertising technology and a variety of original and engaging ad formats Kontera’s ContentLink can assist every advertiser in meeting their branding and conversion goals with a user initiated advertising unit.

Read more about “Looking Outside the (Search) Box” in online advertising.


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